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I'm on Google +

starcrossedlady at gmail dot com

add me if you'd like... or not like, I'm desperately lonely and effing sick of Failbook ;)
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test results came.

not cancer.

and seems that the eye key no longer works on the keyboard. well, that'll make l!fe !nterest1ng.... guess l33t sk1llz have to play unt1l 1 can sw1tch 1t out.

sorry for the p1ta...
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*I got the new Beastie Boys album, haven't had a chance to crack into it yet-- maybe during the weekend when I need to kick some crap around here. What I've heard, I've liked so far...

* At the same token, I did get the singles compilation from P!nk-- and I got the clean version so I could play it in the car. I find it slightly interesting that the only word censored is fuck. Other words? Still in. So how is this the "clean" version? Ah well, I'll resign myself to getting a call from the preschool next fall when Richelle starts singing.

* The spots are still tender, but the swelling is down, the red is down, and the holes are mostly closed-- the one on the arm is completely. I AM SO SEXY LEMME TELL YOU.

* I really, really need to get more outings. It does seem to help marginally with Richelle's behavior to get her ya-yas out. and get the girls out into the yard more-- Abby now has two

* I caved and bought the boxed set of the first four books in that Game Of Thrones series. People've been saying awesome things about the miniseries (which I have to wait to get on netflix because I'm lame) so I got the books to see what's up. Yes, I've not read them. Yet.

* Turns out the tomatoes that were labeled Roma are gorram cherry tomatoes. Dammit. *sigh*

* and while we are on the subject of gardening, I'm going to make CERTAIN that I'm going to set up the drip irrigation and get it on a timer. If I don't water, or bug someone to water? It don't get done. I've lost some herbs and at least the topsy turvy cuke. I just have to see how to get the lines set so the stupid gardener doesn't slice it with the mower.

* still knitting richelle's sweater.


Jun. 2nd, 2011 03:53 pm
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ravelry people in the house, bad news

their security's been breached. while the passwords were encrypted and there wasn't any financial info taken, there's still the matter that the Big Bad Wolf blew a significant hole into the wall.

They are asking for everyone on ravelry to change passwords, and to also take the time to consider changing similar passwords you may have used on other sites.

and let people know *sigh* very tiring.
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We were on the home stretch of this pregnancy, and we were woefully behind on getting ready. But it was ok. The due date was still a week and a half away, and since the first three were pretty much born a week after the due date... we had time! We can still do some things... like build the crib... get the rest of the clothes washed...

About five-ish, I woke up to a pretty big contraction. Mind you, I've dealt with false labor before, and this wasn't it. Howard was already awake, and I told him. He started to time me and... yeah, these were pretty regular and strong. Mom had just gone to work (d'oh!) but she was able to come right back home when we called her (major advantage to our living so close to the store). Gave the kids a hug, told Richelle we'd be gone for a little bit (which she was... ok with, since her Meemaw was there and had some books ready to read) and off we went. I figured it wasn't time, I still had a couple of weeks, and I'd go *just in case*

And then came Abigail.

And from that moment... my little raven-haired beauty has been such a sweet addition to the world. She's been early at most everything-- sititng up, eating solids, walking, hugging... she is my mellow cuddler. She's put up with so much from her sisters, her family, from her mom... and she still has a sweet smile for everyone. Happy birthday my little Monkey. I love you.
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Abby's been sick. With kids, it's inevitable.

However, when her sneezes started producing ropes of green snot, then things start getting bad.

Yep, another infection. *sigh* her left ear's yargly, the aforementioned fun string, and doing a damn good imitation of a seal with her cough. The past two nights Howard and I have been sleeping in shifts so that we could have her sleep upright on our chests/steaming her to sooth her breathing.

btw, have I mentioned lately how much awesome my husband is? Glad I married him. Makes the stalking so much easier.

As silly as it was, I was sorta considering going ahead and watching the royal wedding. Don't think it's happening now, at least in real time. I'll have to see if DVR can be of service.

The weather's starting to heat up, so I can go ahead and direct sow the watermelon seeds (sugar baby for those that care). Most of the mounds are now sprouted with at least one plant I'm not sure if any of the stars and moon watermelons are going to sprout (and the weather *just* started warming up, so it may just be a case of the seeds waiting for the really warm soil before cracking). There is cantalope, there are beans, there is red sweet corn. Now to keep the newly-resident squirrels from feasting...

Not much more to say. the invitations finally arrived. The printing on the invites look more purple then blue, but oh well.
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two nights of teething fevers.

teenager who decided she was sick.

forgetting to wash preschool rockstar's napstuff, so she had to come home early.

Adults who are out of comission for a variety of reasons.

yeah, crap's not getting done. *sigh*


Apr. 6th, 2011 12:51 pm
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first entry on Dreamwidth!

Thanks to Holly (*smoochies*) I finally got on. Still setting up shop in between crisises, so please bear with.


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