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Abby's been sick. With kids, it's inevitable.

However, when her sneezes started producing ropes of green snot, then things start getting bad.

Yep, another infection. *sigh* her left ear's yargly, the aforementioned fun string, and doing a damn good imitation of a seal with her cough. The past two nights Howard and I have been sleeping in shifts so that we could have her sleep upright on our chests/steaming her to sooth her breathing.

btw, have I mentioned lately how much awesome my husband is? Glad I married him. Makes the stalking so much easier.

As silly as it was, I was sorta considering going ahead and watching the royal wedding. Don't think it's happening now, at least in real time. I'll have to see if DVR can be of service.

The weather's starting to heat up, so I can go ahead and direct sow the watermelon seeds (sugar baby for those that care). Most of the mounds are now sprouted with at least one plant I'm not sure if any of the stars and moon watermelons are going to sprout (and the weather *just* started warming up, so it may just be a case of the seeds waiting for the really warm soil before cracking). There is cantalope, there are beans, there is red sweet corn. Now to keep the newly-resident squirrels from feasting...

Not much more to say. the invitations finally arrived. The printing on the invites look more purple then blue, but oh well.


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