Jun. 21st, 2011

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*I got the new Beastie Boys album, haven't had a chance to crack into it yet-- maybe during the weekend when I need to kick some crap around here. What I've heard, I've liked so far...

* At the same token, I did get the singles compilation from P!nk-- and I got the clean version so I could play it in the car. I find it slightly interesting that the only word censored is fuck. Other words? Still in. So how is this the "clean" version? Ah well, I'll resign myself to getting a call from the preschool next fall when Richelle starts singing.

* The spots are still tender, but the swelling is down, the red is down, and the holes are mostly closed-- the one on the arm is completely. I AM SO SEXY LEMME TELL YOU.

* I really, really need to get more outings. It does seem to help marginally with Richelle's behavior to get her ya-yas out. and get the girls out into the yard more-- Abby now has two

* I caved and bought the boxed set of the first four books in that Game Of Thrones series. People've been saying awesome things about the miniseries (which I have to wait to get on netflix because I'm lame) so I got the books to see what's up. Yes, I've not read them. Yet.

* Turns out the tomatoes that were labeled Roma are gorram cherry tomatoes. Dammit. *sigh*

* and while we are on the subject of gardening, I'm going to make CERTAIN that I'm going to set up the drip irrigation and get it on a timer. If I don't water, or bug someone to water? It don't get done. I've lost some herbs and at least the topsy turvy cuke. I just have to see how to get the lines set so the stupid gardener doesn't slice it with the mower.

* still knitting richelle's sweater.


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