May. 25th, 2011

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We were on the home stretch of this pregnancy, and we were woefully behind on getting ready. But it was ok. The due date was still a week and a half away, and since the first three were pretty much born a week after the due date... we had time! We can still do some things... like build the crib... get the rest of the clothes washed...

About five-ish, I woke up to a pretty big contraction. Mind you, I've dealt with false labor before, and this wasn't it. Howard was already awake, and I told him. He started to time me and... yeah, these were pretty regular and strong. Mom had just gone to work (d'oh!) but she was able to come right back home when we called her (major advantage to our living so close to the store). Gave the kids a hug, told Richelle we'd be gone for a little bit (which she was... ok with, since her Meemaw was there and had some books ready to read) and off we went. I figured it wasn't time, I still had a couple of weeks, and I'd go *just in case*

And then came Abigail.

And from that moment... my little raven-haired beauty has been such a sweet addition to the world. She's been early at most everything-- sititng up, eating solids, walking, hugging... she is my mellow cuddler. She's put up with so much from her sisters, her family, from her mom... and she still has a sweet smile for everyone. Happy birthday my little Monkey. I love you.


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